What is chain maille?  
  Whatever you call it, chain mail, maille, chain armor, or links, its all basically the same thing, rings of material woven together to create an item of armor, jewelry, or covering for adventureous souls. Most maille artisans on the net use various metals to fashion their products, but maille has been made out of everything from pvc pipe cut into discs, ala the recent Lord of the Rings productions as well as 13th Warrior.. (come on... you didn't really think Antonio Banderas could make a one-handed catch of a metal chain gambleson that was flung at him by a viking on a horse did you?) to rope rings, which almost killed one actor when the rope rings became swollen from water absorbtion when he took a tumble into a stream.
When was chain maille invented?  
Chain maille items have been found dating to the Romans and even further back into the reaches of history. While the process nearly fell out of the collective human consciousness after the invention of gunpowder and ballistic weaponry, it is not rocket science (although some weave combinations can make the mailler launch a pair of pliers across the room).
What metals do you use?  
  Primarily we work with stainless steel (316 L for those who are curious), bright aluminum (5356, again, for the curious), anodized aluminum (for color), brass, and bronze alloys. We do not work in mild steel or galvanized steel. The cost savings of either is far outweighed by their inferiority when compared to stainless steel. Exotic metals (sterling silver, gold, etc.) can be used in jewelry pieces, but a non-refundable deposit to cover material cost will be charged if we accept the commission.
Does chain maille stop bullets?  

Let me say this once and only once .... NO!!!!!! Chain maille is not bulletproof in any combination or weave. Anyone foolish enough to believe that it is will not be long for this world. Say "Hi!" to the ancient warriors who actually wore this stuff into battle when you get to the "netherworld".

Seriously, Fyre & Ice Chainmaille does not recommend our products for anything but the enhancement of the wearer's APPEARANCE. We make no claim as to any of our products having any protective value AT ALL! Use by the wearer for any such activity is at the wearer's sole peril, and not the responsibilty of Fyre & Ice Chainmaille in any way, shape, or form.

Why isn't your chain maille "one size fit all"?  

Well, let's be honest here, is anything REALLY one size fits all? Now... after asking that question, let me say this about our chain maille. We use various types of metal to weave our jewelry and accoutrements, and for the most part, that metal doesn't stretch. Depending on the weave used, there is some "give" that can afford a bit of help, but no shirt made for an 8 year old boy is going to look right "streched" over a voluptuous adult woman, no matter how beautiful she happens to be.

This is why we at Fyre & Ice enjoy that fact that we can celebrate the uniqueness of each patron by custom making most of our clothing items to the wearer's measurements. So, when we ask for specific measurements, we are not being sophomoric, we are trying to provide you with the best fit possible for the item that you wish to wear.

Do you have items in stock, or is everything made to order?  

Because every customer is different, with varying needs and prefferences, we make most of our items as custom orders. This means that it can take as much as 3 to 4 weeks (in the example of a chain maille shirt) or a couple of days (for a specific combinations of beads and wire for a hand flower or slave bracelet) for us to have your item ready to ship.

In most cases we accept no payment until we notify the customer that their item is ready to send to them. In situations where the customer has requested either an extremely large or time consuming piece, or if the customer is requesting an item be made with exotic materials (sterling silver, gold, or platinum) a deposit will be required to cover the cost of the materials. Also, from time to time we will post "in stock" by items that are availble to purchase off the shelf.

I found something I like, how do I order it?  

We are currently working with Paypal to set up a shopping cart environment on our website. In the mean time, you can browse through our catalogue on our site, or visit our posts on The Maille Market to identify an item that you might be interested in purchasing.

To purchase an item simply email us at maillegnome@fyreandice.com with your order. Send no money. We will confirm your order and give you an approximate completion date for your piece. When your item is ready, we will email you with that information (including shipping charges), and instructions on how to securely pay for your purchase via PayPal. Paypal allows us to accept major credit cards and E-checks.

What guarantee do I have that your stuff is any good?  

Now there's a direct question, isn't it? Ok, here's the deal. At Fyre & Ice Chainmaille we guarrantee our customer's total satisfaction with any item that they purchase, or we will do what we can to make that customer satisfied.

This includes reworking the piece if possible, repairing items damaged due to normal use (limited to 12 months from purchase), or a full refund if your item is not delivered as you ordered it (limited to 30 days from reciept of the piece).

Please be aware that "normal use" will not include knife fights, rough bsdm play (unless the particular item was specifically designed for such), gun shots (see Does chain maille stop bullets? above) or generally subjecting the item to an environment that was not noted as an intended use by the purchaser when ordering the item.

What is your return policy?  
  Returns MUST be authorized by Fyre & Ice Chainmaille for the purchaser to recieve the proper credit or, in the case of a repair or rework, for the purchaser to have their shipping costs covered. Contact us at maillegnome@fyreandice.com for an RMA number. We will give you instructions at that point as too how to get your item back to us so that the appropriate action can be taken.
The chain maille I bought isn't shiny anymore, what happened?  
  Chain maille that is made from metal may (translated will) dull over time. Whether it does so because of oils from the skin of the wearer, or just the process of oxidation, your maille will eventually look less shiny over time. This is a issue of the material, not a design flaw in the piece. Most metals can be easily cleaned, and we include cleaning instructions for each piece when it is shipped.
How do you clean chain maille?  
  Please do NOT put chain maille in the washing machine, unless you want to be purchasing a new washer. Depending on the metal used, chain maille can be cleaned using various methods, the most universal of which is with a mild soap and warm water. Use of harsh cleansers may damage the finish of your piece, and will void the warranty, so please follow cleaning directions shipped with your particular item.
What if I want to try it on? Do you have a "brick & mortar" shop?  
  At this time, Fyre & Ice Chainmaille is strictly an internet endeavor. However, if you live in the Richmond, Virginia area, fittings can be arranged to ensure the item will live up to the customer's expectations.
I have an idea for something, but I don't see it on your site, can you still make it?  
  Fyre & Ice Chainmaille is always happy to take on the challenge of crafting a new and unique item. Send us an email at maillegnome@fyreandice.com and let us know what you have in mind. We believe that working with our customers to create the perfect piece is one of our best opportunities to build ongoing relationships.