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European 4 in 1 - This is probably the most common weave used in chain maille. It makes a light weight covering that flows like cloth fabric over the wearer. Depending on the guage and diameter of the links, this weave can provide varying levels of opaqueness, to accomodate the needs of the wearer.
European 6 in 1 - A tighter version of the Euro 4 in 1, this weave adds more bulk to the piece and provides more coverage for the wearer.
European 8 in 1 - This configuration of the European weave is perfect when strength of the weave is necessary as long as weight is not a concern. It also makes a comfortable strap or underwire when used in conjunction with Euro 4 in 1.
Dragonscale - Named for its resemblance to the scales of a dragon, this weave provides a high level of armor and a tremendous amount of tensile strength. It works well for heavy shirts, belts, straps, bracelets, watch bands, and gauntlets.
Byzantine - Also called "Birdcage" this weave is intricate and sophisticated. Depending on the ring size it can be very masculine and beefy, or very feminine and delicate. This weave is excellent for necklaces and bracelets.
Half Persian 3 in 1 - The Persian weaves are another "rope" type weave, although it can also be woven into sheets. The HP 3 in 1 makes wonderful anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. It also works well as an edging or as curb chain.
Half Persian 4 in 1 - Another version of HP that is a tighter weave than the HP 3 in 1. It works very well as a necklace, and is perfect when adding color to a peice since the links can alternate a color scheme through a piece.
Full Persian 6 in 1 - This iteration of the Persian weave is more rounded, feeling almost like a rope in your hand. Makes great jewelry, key chains, and wallet chains.
Forårs Kæde - This is a Nordic weave also referred to as Spring Chain or X Weave.. Great for necklaces and bracelets.
Box weave - Another "rope" weave, box is a squared off rope that makes great belts, or beefy jewelry.
Spiral - This weave is exquisite for jewelry or to add accents to belts or drapes. The weave must be terminated at each end to keep its shape, but it is truly eye catching when worn.
Double Spiral - Unlike single spiral, this weave "locks" in place and doesn't unravel when not terminated at a connection. It is not as flexible as single spiral, but it still looks beautiful in jewelry.
Oriental 4 in 1 - This weave comes to us from the Far East and depending on the variation can give very minimal coverage to very full coverage. The 4 in 1 version is perfect for club or fetish wear, or when the wearer wants something shiny to put on over other clothing.
Oriental 8 in 1 - In this variant, the weave produces a radial pattern like spokes of a wagon wheel.
Scallop Oriental 8 in 1 - This version of the Oriental weave combines different diameter links that cause the chain to "scallop" or bend and lock in place. Makes very dainty jewelry, and is especially good for chokers.
Snakeskin - This is a variation of the European 4 in 1 weave that combines different sized links to create an entirely different look.
Faerie weave - This weave is actually just a combination of Oriental 6 in 1 and common 2 in 1 chain links that is a standard at Fyre and Ice. The combination creates a chain that is dainty and has an almost Celtic flair to it.
GSG - This weave is named for the Great Southern Gathering of maillers. It is a hybrid of the persian sheet weaves, but is woven on a different bias and so is considered a unique weave on its own.
Celtic Visions - Yet another weave that makes beautiful jewelery. One additional characteristic is that when it is connected into itself, it creates a star pattern that makes a wonderful pendant or key chain fob.